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Feb 03

You Mean I Can Choose My Title Company?

And why should I care?

If you’re buying or planning to buy a home, the title and closing process is often bewildering to the average consumer. Title insurance provides the assurance that you will be able to take ownership of the property without any unresolved title defects. It’s an important part of buying property. But you may not know who gets to choose the title insurance company you work with, and that’s just as important.

Oct 29

Northwest Title & Escrow Honored with Two 2020 Industry Awards

Herndon, Va. (October 29, 2021) — Northwest Title & Escrow (NWTE), a licensed, bonded title insurance agency serving residential and commercial real estate settlements in the Washington, DC metro area, is proud to announce that 2020 brought the company two industry awards, demonstrating its exceptionalism in the real estate title and escrow business.